Client says—”I’m so happy with the service—can’t believe I am getting this much refund.  (about $13,000) “



Our response—we are happy for you—it is your money

Price: $60.00

We will prepare your tax returns accurately within 1 week.

This is the basic return Federal—with 1 or 2 tax slips—Price includes the Efile, a copy for your file and a overall discussion of your tax situation.

Basic Tax return 

Price: $100.00

This return will have a few T4-T4A slips, T5’s, RRSP, some deductions, donations etc.  This is the large portion of our business.

Average returns $60-$100 +

Price: -$15.00

As students are always broke and have very high tuition fees (often paid by parents) we offer a $15 discount to all full time students.

Students—$15 discount

We will help for any OAS, CPP assistance that may be required, however we do not offer a senior’s discount.


Services for these types vary greatly depending on the accounting that is maintained by the client.  Prices for these are made on the time required to complete the returns.  The fee is $150/hour.  Typically these returns cost between $125 and $500.

Rental Incomes—Small Businesses

NOTE  We are taking in only new clients that are referred to by our present clients. 

Consultation on tax matters or other financial issues


The hourly fee is $150.  We regularly find way more missed deductions than our fees.  It pays to come here.

Our Services & Pricing

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