SAMPLE CASES : We help where we can




Clients get Disability Credit plus several years retro.  They tell me they are not disabled but certainly not as able as before.  We help wherever we can.


Client lives with sibling for a number of years—in fact client qualified for the spousal credits and all attached benefits and obligations. We help wherever we can.


Client unable to get CPP for a number of years.  We reviewed the file, started a new application and were able to get CPP for our client. Around $9,000.  Then we went for the full retro and obtained a further $36,000 for our client.  We help wherever we can.


CRA refused disability transfer to children on basis of cash payments made to the parents.  We reviewed and were able to show that in fact children were continuously paying for parents support.  We help wherever we can.


Internet Company makes an error on our client dial-in phone number and our client was dialing long distance by mistake for almost 2 months. Our client had over $300 phone charge and the internet firm would not reimburse.  With a little pressure from our office, our client was credited with almost all extra costs. We help wherever we can.


Home renovation tax credits— an elderly client changes her furnace and the contractor removes full tank of oil.  After 9 months, the contractor has not paid our client for the oil that was left in the tank and our client gets frustrated but wants to drop the claim.  After a few phone calls from our office, the contractor paid our client around $360 for the oil that he had recovered from the tank.   We help wherever we can.


Numerous cases of forgotten disability deductions—many times after a person deceases.  Refunds of $5,000—$10,000 and even $13,000. We help wherever we can.